Watch Akira Nakai Work His Magic on a Porsche 911

We can’t tell if it’s poetry or porn. Could it be both?

Akira Nakai, the world’s one and only RWB preacher, has landed in Philadelphia for a conversion, and the owner was kind to document the process. We can’t thank him enough.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen pictures with at least one of these RWB beasts before. The RWB moniker stands for Rauh Welt Begriff, which is German for Rough World Concept. Its creator is Akira Nakai, a Japanese tuner who loves Porsches – the air-cooled ones, 930 in particular.

It has been 15 years since its first project, and nothing really changed since then, in terms of appearance. Nakai is roaming around the world, laying his magical hands on any 930 in need of a radical facelift, and making people happy – and the world a better place in the process. A 930 just can’t get better than this.

Nakai-san was recently asked in Philly for a project, and Ben Harmony, the owner, wished to show us all that an RWB is not only a stupidly aggressive Porsche but a wonderful creation of a perfectionist.