Watch Eagle Prime MegaBot knifing a car with a ginormous blade

End your year with the most useless car-related video ever

MegaBots are still clumsy and slow, and we laugh a lot while watching our future masters learning how to use lethal weapons the size of a car.

Say what you want about killer robots, but the MegaBots are cool. Yeah, their last duel was more like a staged battle between drunk piles of metal, but they slowly learn how to maim, kill or destroy their enemies. And when the best MegaBot, Eagle Prime, is trained to use a humungous knife against a car, that's especially difficult to watch.

Fast forward over the introductory part, the knife training starts at the 13:20 mark. And the Megabot needs almost TEN minutes to properly knife that dead car! Slow as heck, but hey, give it ten years or so and let's see who will have the last (maniacal) laugh!

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