Watch Mad Mike Drift the Slope Out of Franschhoek Pass in His Mazda RX8 BADBUL

Why hike when you can drift?

A picture might be worth a thousand words, yet a video is enough to silence the naysayers for good. Enter Red Bull and Mad Mike.

The key words here are mountain, drift, and Mazda RX8 BADBUL, because otherwise, we're pretty much lost for words.

So if you enjoyed Ken Block's latest Gymkhana stunt, Mad Mike's insane level of skill and smoky trickery is bound to delight your eyes, while the engine note promises to slowly macerate your eardrums.

Just to put things into perspective here, the pro drifter previously powerslided on a frozen lake in Japan and drew snakes out of tire rubber up a mountain in New Zealand.

And now, we'll let the visuals do the talking.

Photos by Tyrone Bradley / Red Bull Content Pool