Watch the affordable Dacia Logan turn into a luxurious car

dacia logan 1

Yes, an upmarket Dacia Logan does exist…in Pixel Land

Dacia is well-known for its no-nonsense, will-take-you-from-A-to-B models that don’t cost an arm and a leg. But it’s these traits that also make them nothing to write home about when it comes to design and materials.

Yes, there was a time (not too distant) when someone drag raced a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S against the hardworking Dacia Logan, yet this doesn’t mean there’s an equals sign between the two. However, pixel manipulators like

“>Laurent Schmidt might beg to differ.

dacia logan 3

Long story short, the artist who calls himself a transportation designer wanted to create the most expensive Dacia Logan. And that he did. The changes are obvious, in and out, and they affect body, wheels and headlights design, as well as the seats, steering wheel, dashboard and center console.

We won’t spoil the fun – it's up to you to discover this Dacia's full transformation, so head below for the 13-minute long video. Or, you can just skip to the photo gallery and see the finite product.

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