Watching Humvees Being Paradropped Is Poetry in Motion

Just hit play and enjoy the show

War may be a behavioral relic from the time we lived in hide-clad tents and got our meds from a guy called the shaman, yet the machinery its modern incarnation employs is really rather beautiful to see in action. All that mechanical know-how makes for some spectacular displays, few more so than the act of dropping Humvees out of an airplane and watching them safely touch down.

Sure, it’s funny to see their parachutes fails and see four tons of armored off-roaders plant themselves feet-deep into the soil, the act is much more pleasant to watch when it all goes according to plan. Dropping Humvee after Humvee out of a plane never gets old (there’s probably a great viral GIF idea in there somewhere), as you will see once you’ve checked out the video posted here.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the planes used to drop the equipment are the C-17 Globemaster and the more widely-known C-130 Hercules. Not all of the video shows Humvees dropping, though, and for that you'll have to skip to the section between 1:25 and 3:55.