We might not get much from this advertisement clip but we can’t stop watching it either

It’s about any boy’s dream, so it doesn't need to make very much sense after all

Suggestively called “Any Boy’s Dream,” this promo/teaser clip from the Dutch advertising agency Condept accurately depicts what boys dream of: supercars and naked (painted) women.

It’s unclear what story the detailed plot (if there’s one; there definitely should be one!) tells us but this snippet shows two gorgeous Lamborghini SuperVeloce flagships: the Aventador LP750 and the Murciélago LP670. We used “gorgeous” for the Murciélago, of course.

What we think we saw: the Naked Women Secret Military base is threatened by a man wearing clothes (OF COURSE), so the super two Italian fighters are deployed. We’d love to see more of this Lambo duo in action. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video in case you need further, em, explaining.

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via Condept YT

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