We’ve ruined these cars’ names by changing just one letter


And we invite you to do the same

Last year, a popular thread on Reddit titled "How can you ruin a band name by changing one letter?" made a lot of people crack up with laughter, so we thought about doing a similar exercise, only using car names instead of bands.

We want this to be an interactive exercise, so feel free to jump in and offer your input at any time. In the meantime, we'll kickstart this with our selection of car names that become hilarious when one letter gets changed.

As with any game, there are some rules to this, though. First of all, leave brand names intact — we'll only tamper with model names. Secondly, change just one letter of the nameplate. No adding, no doubling, no eliminating. Thirdly (and lastly), the resulting name must mean something in English and be funny at the same time. Let's go!


Alfa Romeo Moto: a supermini with an identity problem?

Audi A3 Sportsack: the A3 Sportback that wears a backpack

Bentley Continental Flying Slur: improbable reprovable behavior for a member of a blue-blooded brand

BMW 2 Active Pourer: there are no reports of leakages related to the 2 Series Active Tourer, but Active Pourer sounds so funny

Buick Legal: because blue-blooded individuals must abide by the law too

Chevrolet Crax: not the most confidence-inspiring name, is it?

Chevrolet Dolt: a ridiculous name for a sophisticated EV

Chrysler PT Bruiser: don't get into an argument with this one

Citroen Bumper: that bumper must have been superb to name a car after it

Citroen Bumpy: buckle up for a bumpy ride

Dodge Fart: judging from the model's sales, it might have been a more appropriate name

Dacia Ruster: here's a funny and somewhat valid name (the first batch of Duster SUVs made in India and sold in the UK were plagued with rust problems)

Dodge Lemon: here's hoping the Demon doesn't turn into a lemon

Dodge Charmer: the sedan that's smooth with the ladies

Dodge Piper: not the kind of sound you'd imagine coming from a naturally aspirated V10


Fiat Typo: sorry for the typo, Fiat

Fisker Farma: bad Karma?

Ford Danger: here's a name no automaker will use ever

Ford Hocus: don't believe anything that comes out of this car's exhausts

Ford Emosport: the SUV for sports-oriented emos?

Kia Shortage: the Sportage that lacks stuff

Kia Foul: you'd better stay away


MINI Countryban: some people would totally back a country ban for the Countryman

MINI Faceman: contrary to the made-up name, it's not the most representative model of the British marque

Pagani Honda: forgive us for this blasphemy, Mr. Horacio Pagani

Porsche Cabman: a taxi driver that drives a Porsche

Suzuki Jimmy: probably the name they should have gone for in the first place

Subaru BRB: it's always something with this one

We're looking forward to laughing at your funny car names too, so write them in the comments section.

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