Who Said the Toyota Tundra Can't Vaporize a Pair of Tires?

Alright, alright, it does involve an overdose of NASCAR flair

As a general rule, the Goodwood FoS (Festival of Speed) has always provided an intoxicating mix of cars, from supercars, rally racers, and well, pickup trucks turned speed demons and tire slayers.

Those familiar with NASCAR should have heard of former Supertruck champion Mike Skinner and his race truck nicknamed The Gunslinger, which is nothing else than a 2008 Toyota Tundra on racing anabolics only brought back to haunt motorsport arenas around the world.


At last year's 2016 Goodwood FoS, Mike Skinner proudly represented 'Murica with a spectacle of engine rev, tire drama and merry-go-round dancing.

The man even removes the steering wheel while the car's rear end and half of the attendance choke on waves of smoke caused by the burnouts.

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