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Why are there so few cars in Gran Turismo?

After some 25 hours of actual gameplay, we've reached a conclusion regarding the Sport's cars

In the Gran Turismo 6, you had 1,247 cars to play with — of which, to be honest, more than 40 were Skylines. 

Compared to that, with just 162 vehicles to offer, the Gran Turismo Sport has 87% fewer rides. So entering the Sport's Brand Central might feel like you're in a work-in-progress version of the game. There are some absences that'll make you question the game's premises — and that's a good thing because Gran Turismo's idea of a racing simulator is different from what you're offered nowadays.


After playing the game for more than 25 hours now, we're more and more in love with the GT Sport and couldn't care less about what's missing because there's plenty to do in this game, other than collecting cars. For the Gran Turismo Sport in-depth review click here

Also, we'd like to know how your GT Sport experience has been so far, and what car(s) you truly miss from the previous episodes. (... after subscribing to our YouTube channel, of course; T.Y.!)


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