Why the first-gen Porsche Boxster S 986 is still a great buy

The main thing is just how good it sounds, though

When it comes to the latest incarnation of the Porsche Boxster and Cayman - now called variations of the 718 nameplate, check out our full written and video review of the S model or the written review of the Boster GTS - the crowd almost unanimously says it misses the savage howl of the previous car with its six-cylinder engine.

It’s been a staple of the Boxster and Cayman since the first generation of each model and it makes even the first-gen Boxster a really enjoyable little sports car. It’s also one that is fairly affordable these days and in spite of being nearly 20 years old, CarThrottle says it’s still worth your money.

You can get a good used early Boxster S these days for well under €10,000 and it is still well worth your cash - you really won’t get anything even remotely as eye catching, good to drive and prestigious (courtesy of its badge) in the same price range.

Sure, being an older Porsche, the Boxster may hide some problems that may set you back more than you paid for the car, but if you shop around carefully and get your desired car checked by a specialist before you buy it is not a bad way to go.

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