Witness the LED lunacy of a Japanese car park

Mimics a group of bioluminescent sea creatures arguing spiritedly

Japanese car culture is known for being quirky, over the top and in-your-face, and this parking lot full of colorfully-lit motors of all shapes confirms that stereotype. 

Although I’ve frankly never seen such a colorful gathering of mostly boxy vans and minivans. You might want to look away if you know you’re prone to having an epileptic seizure at the sight of flashing lights, but otherwise you won’t want to miss this video.

Plus there’s music, Lamborghinis and the kind of brutal visible-concrete architecture that makes anything shot in Japan look like it’s from the near future. In fact, this entire video could be out of a sci-fi movie set in the year 2031, a time when if you don’t have a fully LED-clad car exterior, you will be branded uncool.

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