World’s Fastest Electric Car is Once Again a Chevrolet Corvette

The car just broke its own record

Ask any green car aficionado what's the fastest electric rubber burner on the market and the loudest answer will come from the Tesla fanbase, in the form of the Model S P90D.

Which is true, except it's not. Hold your horses now, we're not here to deny the ludicrous performance lying within the above-mentioned EV, but it's also hard to ignore the Genovation eXtreme Electric doohickey.

Maybe that's because it just shattered its previous top speed record of 186.8 mph (around 300 km/h) after being clocked in at 205.6 mph (roughly 330 km/h). Remember, the key words here are electric and vehicle.

Now, there's also a reason why we mentioned a Chevrolet Corvette in the headline. The GXE is built around a Corvette Z06 chassis, minus the V8, which was replaced by an electric powertrain with 600 hp and 570 lb-ft (773 Nm) of torque on tap. 

Besides blistering acceleration, the Genovation GXE offers a max range of 130 miles (210 km/h); that is when the driver is not trying to get his or her name in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

That being said, it looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down, but will Tesla pick it up?