Would You Buy this Buick Luna?

The big question for a brand like Buick is whether the customers would even consider a compact

Buick is positioned as a premium brand in North America and China, so the lineup reflects this philosophy. Currently, Buick sells mostly rebadged and redesigned Chevrolet and Opel models, that offer more equipment.

However, one thing that is missing for the brand is a compact car, one with sufficient appeal for the American buyer that in general prefers SUVs or trucks. This is how we get to the Luna concept, or should we say design exercise, made by the artist Cameron Bresn. The artist envisaged a car that could go into production in 2025 as a rival for any European compact car, such as the Volkswagen Golf or Opel Astra

The design of the Luna makes use of futuristic lines and technologies. The Luna is a two door hatchback with an interior that is made for four people. The occupants can travel in absolute comfort and make use of the modular layout of the seats.

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