Yes, That’s a Kamaz Truck Chasing a VW Polo WRC on a Rally Finland Stage

A game of cat and mouse, the motorsport version

Regardless of how they do it, whenever Red Bull removes a fresh new promo clip out of their oven, things stay hot for a long time.

Their latest video brings the best motorsport action out of two worlds – Rally Dakar and WRC – thanks to a head-to-head rumble that wouldn't be possible in real life, because rules and regulations.

But this is the realm of Red Bull, where wicked stuff happens. Like, for example, a 1,000-hp Kamaz 4326 truck chasing a 318-horsepower VW Polo WRC, where else than in beautiful Finland, on the challenging Ouninpohja stage.

We'd tell you more about the video, but we don't like spoilers. Plus, we're busy counting the amount of successful jumps performed by the larger-than-life, ten-tonne Kamaz T4.