Yup, the BMW i3 EV Can Totally Drift

With the right input of, course

When we reviewed the BMW i3, our verdict resumed the car's excellent commuting skills and as a side, the ability to offer its users a bite of the electric future looming over the car industry. On that note, it can also drift.

Provided you leave the BMW i3 in the right hands, that is. In this case, the hands belong to Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen, former WRC driver affectionately known as "The Rally Professor". It does explain a lot, doesn't it?


Now, as for the drifting part, Mr. Aaltonen makes it look like it's easy peasy and the i3's rear-wheel drive setup instantly flooded with electric torque does a lot to help with the sideways argument.

Unquestionably, the i3 wasn't designed for that and battery life does take a knock to the head, but seriously now, who cares?

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