Italian coachbuilder retouches the Alfa 4C and it’s impossibly beautiful

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We didn’t see the 4C as not being beautiful enough; until now

The Alfa Romeo 4C is young enough to not be included in FCA’s plans, and this didn’t occur to us like an odd thing, because the 4C is so well designed it would age beautifully, right? Until we’ve seen this.

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It’s called Alfa Romeo Mole Costruzione Artigianale 001 and has been created by Umberto Palermo, in collaboration with the Adler Group. Looking at it, we realize it’s the Alfa Romeo we’ve been wanting all along but were afraid to ask. It’s gorgeous.

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While the stock (now boringly-looking) 4C sports big eyes, the ARMCA 001 squints them under flying buttresses, for the Mother of God! It now also has LED light array spreading in the bottom corners, near the fog lights, and all the car’s edges become more prominent.


From the side, the rear fender intakes are now smaller but some new ones appeared behind the doors, in the B-pillar. The rear is cladded in metal, the rear window being replaced by an opaque sheet with tiny louvers. The rear lights have been reshaped as well, Zagato-style.

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As for the interior, the coachbuilder tried to hide the car’s spartan spirit by opting for a two-tone chromatic scheme and got rid of the small infotainment screen.

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