We swap the industry’s biggest grilles for teeth


In case they didn’t already look ridiculous to you, now they surely will

Forgive the freaky feeling portrayed by this set of modified photos, but car grille size is really getting ridiculous. A few years ago it was just Audi with gargantuan mouthed models, but now it’s literally everybody and Audi is not even the worst offender any more.

Other manufacturers quite possibly might have attributed Audi’s success in the premium segment specifically to that gaping gob. Now it seems as if every other new model has what looks to me like an oversized mouth; to make matters worse it’s usually like 30 percent of the actual grille surface that allows air to pass through for cooling – so they are therefore just styling features.

To illustrate just how alarmingly big they have become, I’ve replaced the cars’ factory grilles with… human ones – teeth, to be specific. Each car gets its own, although the sets of chompers don’t really reflect the character of the vehicle they’re on – I just used whichever fit best.

The only exception is the Ford F-250 whose two horizontal bars running across the grippe have been replicated with teeth braces. Scroll down to see which cars made our list and how they take their new dentures!


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