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ford gt
That’s a tough question folks, but we have a video that answers it
By Tudor Rus |
They’re both performance cars, but have different souls
By Tudor Rus |
Ford promises more track fun without having to give up on road-legal status
By Tudor Rus |
ford gt
There’s a problem with hydraulic fluid leaking onto the exhaust
By Tudor Rus |
ford gt vs corvette zr1
There’s only one winner to this, and that’s ‘Murica
By Tudor Rus |
2019 Ford GT Heritage 02
You can now have your Ford GT in the Heritage Blue and Heritage Orange colors
By Adrian Mihaltianu |
They took two dead cars and created a very lively one
By Andrei Stirbu |
They are the 1960s classic, the mid-2000s model and the latest one
By Andrei Nedelea |
That’s more than three times what the original owner paid for it
By Dan Mihalascu |
ford gt heritage edition
The Heritage Edition is definitely all show, but also very far from no go
By Tudor Rus |
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