Chevrolet ‘Recalls’ 33,000 Vehicles Over a Forgotten Sticker

Your 2016 Cruze sedan is perfectly fine only its 'brain' has some problems reading a code label its creators forgot to paste in there. It's not even a 'recall' per se

When you hear "recall," you tend to think of important mechanical failures that already exist, or they may become of importance with time. 

The new, 2016 Chevrolet Cruze sedan has one issue that led to a massive, 33,000 vehicle recall. It lacks a sticker with a three-digit code on it. Only that three-digit identifier code should be in the headlight assembly, helping the headlights to 'aim correctly'.

Incorrectly aimed headlights, as you'd figure, can either blind the oncoming traffic or insufficiently illumine the road ahead. Yeah, those are pretty serious repercussions, if you come to think of it.

This kind of 'repair' doesn't require a visit to the dealer, so Chevy will mail adhesive layers that owners can add to the indicated spot. But, if owners require it, dealers will assist the procedure.

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