Honda-powered Barbie car drifter nearly falls off sheer drop

Don’t try this at home

Front-mounting a 240cc single-cylinder Honda dirtbike engine onto a go-kart chassis then putting a Barbie car body on top can be a recipe for huge fun.

You can imagine that something with that configuration could do donuts for days, and it actually does. The guys over at Grind Hard Plumbing Co say they built it in four days and it actually looks like it works.

It can really drift around a parking lot and looks downright crazy while at it (partly helped by the pink Mustang body) but controllable it is most certainly not. It understeers like crazy and at one point during the video posted below, its driver nearly falls to almost certain death.

This is not an overstatement, literally inches separated this pink mini-monstrosity from tumbling down a cliff onto some rocks, then onto train tracks. So sure, a project like this can be tons of fun, but make sure you test it in a place that doesn’t have sheer drops on any side...

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