Porsche explains how and why brake squeal occurs

Squeaky brakes are not always cause for concern

Porsche sells vehicles with quite big brake setups which have large disks and matching calipers and this results in squealing on light application.

In other words, if you only press the pedal slightly, the brake pad may not touch the disk perfectly perpendicularly and this is the cause of the squeaking we’re sure you’ve heard hundreds of times.

And since Porsche has larger than average disks on all their cars, when their brakes squeak they are quite a bit louder than those of cars with smaller brakes. But it’s not just Porsche, but any car, really, that has big disks as they all work the same.

Still, the German automaker is the only one to have put out a video on this matter, assuring owners that a little squeak shouldn’t get them alarmed.

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