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Porsche Top 5 Concepts Video Reveals Bonkers Cayenne Cabriolet

Please don't call it Targa. Thanks.

Porsche is back at it with another Top 5. Their latest video looks at five concepts that helped shape the brand throughout the years, including the Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet.

Rejoice, Porsche aficionados, your favorite brand has another goodies-infused video with your name on it.

This time, Porsche wants you to know more on five of its concepts including the Porsche Typ 754 "T7" considered the ancestor of the 911.

Sure, at the time it only cranked out 130 hp from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, but it would go on and lay the bricks for a successful legacy of saught after sports cars.


Love the Panamera? Then you must have heard about the Porsche 989 concept or the four-door, four-seater 911.

Porsche even designed and built a drop-top Cayenne SUV which featured a Targa-style row bar.

Only two concepts left to reveal, but these come from more modern times. Can you guess them?

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