Reviewers get their hands on the stunning looking Peugeot 508

Roundup of all video reviews out so far

Peugeot 508 was one of the prettiest new production cars we saw at the Geneva motor show earlier in the year and now the car is finally being reviewed to see if it’s as talented as it is good looking.

On the move reviewers say the car is definitely geared more towards comfort than outright sportiness - it has a good ride but also fairly sharp and direct steering.

Space inside is better than you’d expect, especially given the sloping roofline that eats into rear headroom and overall quality and fit and finish are very good.

It will be its fairly high price that may put some buyers off getting one, since if you spec it with all or most of the bells and whistles, you’re already in premium car territory. But for some its look (both inside and out) and its air of sophistication will make it the only choice and Peugeot is really banking on it.

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