Tesla Model S tries on the very similarly sized Audi RS7 on for good measure

It’s a comparo that points out just how similar these cars actually are, as well as highlighting where they differ

On first impressions, you wouldn’t think the Tesla Model S P100D and the Audi RS7 are rival models, yet they’re actually quite similar visually. Sure, they differ in the details and interior department (and of course their powertrain), but their body shape is all but identical.

They’re both super high performance five-doors that promise to deliver supercar pace with city car practicality. They’re even about the same size, with the difference that in the Tesla the wheelbase is longer thanks to not being constrained by big gas engines or shafts sending power back and forth.

In terms of performance, the Tesla is visibly quicker off the line and up to around 100 mph, a point after which the Audi starts to reel it in. It’s not surprising therefore it was crowned winner in the MotorTrend head to head posted below.

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