This all-white Mercedes GLE interior can’t even be killed with fire

Or bullets, for that matter

TopCar Design is a Russian tuning shop renowned for its exquisite work. And by “exquisite” we actually mean “outrageous.” While these two terms don’t go necessarily go along, TopCar demonstrates they can, provided you really lack any common sense and have enough money. 

This Mercedes-Benz GLE Guard, for example, boasts a cabin so white that’ll put to shame any of the people from the Colgate commercials (or any other toothpaste commercial, for that matter). It’s so white that a pair of sunglasses is mandatory here. Who would dare bring the outside world’s filth into this corner of Eden? 

The “Guard” name refers, of course, to an armored vehicle — so if you don’t agree with what TopCar is doing to this oligarchic GLE SUV, you can’t touch it even if you have a weapon. It's bulletproof. If you want to know more about what forms this all-white coating, here are some hints: crocodile skin, 24k gold, “unique” wood. It’s all up to you, your fashion sense, and the depth of your wallet.

Have you ever seen anything whiter than that? (snow doesn't count).

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