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This tuned Toyota RAV4 is much more badass than you’d give it credit for, apparently

And its owner really didn’t do all that much to it

People who are interested in the way their car handles and then powers out of tight corners on canyon roads would undeniably laugh at the prospect of a tuned canyon-carving Toyota RAV4. But according to this video they’d just be biased as the RAV4 is not that bad to drive.

Naturally, The Smoking Tire host, Matt Farah, is skeptical about its road credentials (as any sane car person would be), but once he starts driving it, he seems lost for words. Sure, it’s the most powerful previous-gen V6 RAV4, and it’s been slightly breathed on for extra power and noise, but the biggest change it’s undergone are the wheels and tires - they are Michelin Supersports.

Farah says the RAV grips and handles quite well, which is at odds with what I felt when I drove the same generation car a while back. I found its steering excessively wooly and all of its controls seemed set up for people with absolutely no strength whatsoever - but maybe the changes made by this owner (regardless of how small they may seem) may have completely turned it around... maybe. Probably not, though.

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