World's worst driver prize for June already awarded

Watch the worst driver in the world in action

Keeping it on the lighter side, we already have a winner of the Worst Driver in the World Award for June 2017.

It's hard to get this unwanted worldwide recognition, but if you put all you have into it, you may come up with something even worse than this driver managed to do. I don't think you will be able to, though.

It all started simply enough. The driver tried to reverse into a parking space, one of the easiest parking maneuvers one could make. It seems that this took a while, and perhaps the engine was revved a little too much because a guy approaches the car and asks the driver what's all this about.

Next second, all hell breaks loose. Watch and weep.

And yes, we'd not say a thing about the driver's gender. Not. A. Thing. After all, they can do all sorts of magic things behind the wheel, so let's not enforce a prejudice. 

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