1968 Ford Mustang Hides Toyota Supra Engine, Does Burnouts Like It’s Nothing

Hi, I’m Gulfstang, the bizarre Mustang

No, we're not judging looks here, but rather the core of a '68 'Stang that found a new life outside the Church of V8.

Alright, we love the Gulf livery and how it seems to fit right about any four-wheel contraption, but the Gulfstang's peculiarities go way below the surface, as eGarage found out.

Case in point, the pony's 2JZ straight-six turbo engine, made famous by the cult car going by the name of Toyota Supra and which, since we mentioned it, sits on the opposite side of the table as far as performance and road behavior are concerned.

Which begs the question: how on Earth did it crawl inside a Mustang?

Well, there's your answer: