2015 Toyota Corolla headbutts 1998 Corolla in the name of safety

In doing so, it proves an invaluable point

AA New Zealand takes the latest Corolla and smashes it head-on with the 1998 Corolla. The outcome is eye-opening to say at least.

Carmakers nowadays direct generous amounts of resources towards safety systems and features. It's not only about the race towards autonomous driving, but also about keeping drivers safe in those nasty situations that can come up at any corner.

Statistics say people are twice as likely to suffer deadly injuries in the event of a crash if they're traveling in a pre-2000 car.

The best way to illustrate that is a controlled crash, exactly what awaits in the video below. Note that both cars are moving at 64 km/h.

Also keep in mind that 17 years separate the two models, but even so, the degree of obliteration taken by the older Corolla is unbelievable.