2019: Report Says Mid-Engined C8 Corvette Will Replace Front-Engined C7

If true, it means GM will challenge the Ford GT and even Ferrari…

The idea of a mid-engined Corvette is  by no means new and in fact is decades old (think of the 1968 Astro II concept, pictured, or the XP-882 and XP-897 GT). However, GM had never really seriously thought about putting it into production until now, according to a report based on unnamed insider information from within the company.

The Detroit News says its anonymous sources reportedly confirmed that the C8 Corvette would be solely mid-engined, the only next-gen Vette which you will be able to buy. It also quotes “a former GM employee” as saying “it’s happening. Mark Reuss wants it.”

This would make sense, as Reuss himself confirmed that development work on the C8 had already started and that it was going to be “revolutionary.”

If GM really does make the next Corvette mid-engined, it will not only be able to make it faster and more powerful (and also more expensive), but it will revive older rivalries with Ford and even Ferrari. According to the quoted source, the car could be revealed in 2018 and then go on sale one year later.