$25 Billion Investments in Autonomous Tech by 2020

The autonomous tech game is getting stronger and stronger, or so the auto industry is implying

A recent report from AlixPartners shows that the auto industry is getting more and more involved with the self-driving technology. We know it’s not perfect now (and is getting controversial from time to time; see: recent Tesla deadly crash), but that will not hold progression back, reports say.

By 2020, Original Equipment Manufacturers will spend as much as $25 billion developing and improving self-driving cars’ interactions, reactions, and behavior. As AlixPartners is stating, about $15 billion will be invested in electronic navigation maps and collision-avoidance systems while the rest will be spent on radar and ultrasonic sensors.

One of the important players in this process will be India-based Mahindra, mostly known now for its involvement in the all-electric Formula E Championship; future plans implies developing autonomous electric vehicles, as the Indian government is aiming to have all of its vehicles battery-electric by 2030.

Although now it might not be the most trusted form of transportation, the autonomous technology is gaining ground impressively fast – and we guess one of the reasons is the market demand. What side are you on regarding self-driving vehicles?