4Matic, xDrive, quattro – Fun Comes in Different Flavors. Or Does It?

A moderately epic adventure into Romania’s snowy mountains

Crossovers and road-centric SUVs are all the rage nowadays, and their popularity shows no signs of tapering off any time in the foreseeable future. So we decided to take three examples of the premium variety into the mountains to see if they live up to their active lifestyle promises.

Our destination was high up in the mountains, and roads were covered with snow and ice. Just the perfect testing ground for 4x4s.

We chose the Mercedes GLC and BMW X1, however, it seems only two of us got the message that we had to bring SUVs, so Mr. Știrbu arrived in a grippy two-door phallus enlarger, the Audi A5 quattro.

He argued all-wheel drive was the main feature needed to do well in low-grip conditions, so we took his word for it and pressed on.

Things went smoothly and progress through the snow was good, until we encountered a… small block of snow in the middle of the road…

Anyway, have fun watching the video below. We surely had some while filming it.

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