A BMW 8 Series shooting brake is something we’d buy in an instant

How about you?

So Mercedes-Benz has the CLA and CLS in shooting brake guise, then there's Callaway and their Corvette AeroWagon, which means the car world needs more of the kind. Enter the BMW 8 Series ShootingBrake.

No, it's not official, and although BMW has been on a release spree recently, dropping official info and photos on the 8 Series concept and a top-tier M8 version of the road-going model, this render comes from X-Tomi Design.

But it looks so good that we couldn't simply close the browser window without sharing it with you.

Unfortunately, this version is an unlikely candidate for mass production. With R&D work already underway for the BMW 8 Series coupé and its track-addict brother, the M8, rumor has it that BMW will also build a drop-top 8 Series.

Elsewhere, BMW trademarked a whole suite of nameplates, starting with the down-to-earth 825, 830, 835 and ending with 850, 845, 860, M850 and of course, the M8.

Even so, a shooting brake that would host any of the engines highlighted by those monikers looks like a distant dream for the time being. 

Who knows, maybe the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé will prove feasible for Munich. Our fingers are crossed.