A swollen Cayenne is how TechArt celebrates its 30th anniversary

It’s called Magnum Sport Edition 30 Years, and it’s one mean machine

There are few things you can do with a big car in order to make it look small, especially if that car was initially designed to look big.

Although we can refer to almost any SUV on the market, we will focus on Porsche’s Cayenne, and how TechArt tried to make it look more… compact.

It turned out that if you widen its body, replace the elegant hood with a bulging one, put a spoiler on its roof and fit some huge wheels on it, the Cayenne might look like an oversized, anime-like hatchback.

What we don’t get is why you would then try to make the headlights smaller — which makes the car look bigger, which is what they were trying to avoid.

In the Edition 30 Years guise, the Magnum Sport has its interior adorned in lacquered wood inserts, Alcantara, leather, and carbon fiber. The instrument panel boasts a bespoke design, as well as the three-spoke steering wheel.

The TechArt Magnum Sport Edition 30 Years is available on every Cayenne version, from the standard on to the Turbo S, or S E-Hybrid. Moreover, TechArt can even throw some extra horsepower under the Magnum Sport’s hood, packing as much as 720 hp.