All-new Mercedes CLS rated and reviewed


What’s changed for the new generation apart from the styling?

Mercedes’ all-new CLS, which we got to see at the Geneva motor show earlier in the year, is finally reaching reviewers’ hands and first impressions are quite good.

It still suffers from its predecessor’s lack of rear headroom, but that’s about its only real niggle according to Carbuyer. The way it looks is still its biggest draw, as with previous incarnations, and again, like before, it’s slightly sharper to drive than the E-Class on which it’s based.

The interior is mostly lifted from the E-Class coupe, which we drove and concluded it was a great two-door blend of taste and flashiness, and let us tell you it was one of the best automotive interiors we’ve ever sampled.

What’s different about this generation CLS is that it won’t get a hot AMG 63 variant as before; the highest performance model is the CLS 53 AMG which will use a six-cylinder engine and mild hybrid tech. Mercedes decided upon this in order to leave room in the range for the new four-door AMG GT.

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