All you need to know about the levels of autonomous driving, explained by BMW

Clear as crystal

In a recent interview for DriveMag, BMW's Thomas Ebner, the man in charge of global communications for the new 5 Series G30 told us Munich's self-driving potential is above Tesla's.

But before even using the words autonomous driving, carmakers and most important, customers, must understand where the current research in this domain stands and in which situation we can even talk about fully autonomous driving.

Enter BMW. As some of you seemingly know already, there are five widely-accepted autonomous levels most carmakers base their R&D on, including the BMW Group.

Essentially, from Level 1 to Level 5, the responsibility that comes with driving gradually transfers from the driver to the car itself.

To paint a clearer picture, think that today, Level 2 is available in upper market segments through those driver assistance features that permit taking your hands off the steering wheel for short time intervals.

So what awaits at Level 3, 4, and 5? The video below has the answer.