Audi Posts Inspirational Video About its 2017 Moon Rover Project

It’s set to reach the lunar surface sometime at the end of 2017

Audi is working with the Part-Time Scientists from Germany to create a lunar rover for the Lunar XPRIZE competition started by Google.

The automaker has been hard at work over the past few months developing the wheeled robotic explorer, and its main task for the project is to provide the powertrain and ensure it will be up to scratch once it hits the surface of the Moon. The vehicle has grown in size, while at the same time losing around a quarter of its weight; it now weighs 30 kg or 65 lbs.

It’s not ready to start its expedition, though, as it still needs to be tested in simulated conditions in the Middle East.

Recently, the team announced it had secured a rocket to take its rover and lander (dubbed ALINA) into the lunar orbit. The trip is planned for Q4 2017.