Audi RS7: This Is How Hades’ Car Would Look Like

Behold! Total Race made an Audi RS7 suitable for the underworld.

Hades was a good guy god, but an unfortunate one. As the legends say, he was one of the three gods (along Zeus and Poseidon) that claimed rulership over the freakin' cosmos, because that's what you can do after you defeat some Titans.

While Zeus took the air and Poseidon claimed the water, Hades received the underworld. As you'd imagine, the underworld is a nasty place, with nothing pretty to host. For instance, even Hades' pet was a grotesque three-headed hound by the name of Cerberus. Poor mutt.

And, if Hades would have had a car, probably it would have looked as this Audi RS7 is. Who needs a bonnet if you have two gigantic turbos sitting on top of your 4.0-liter V8, right?

We aren't told how much over its standard 560 hp this particular example has, but we guess it has A LOT. The YouTube user who uploaded the video said this is a Stage 10 tune from the Russian tuner Total Race.

Because Russia. Of course.