BMW 8 Series Cabrio joins the party, looks ready for mass production

The good news: it’s a looker. The bad news: it’s just another rendering

Without planning it in advance, BMW triggered a renders spree that so far saw the 8 Series take many shapes. Today's pixel manipulation, however, turns the coupé into a sleek convertible.

If you've been watching us for the past couple of days, you'll recognize the work of X-Tomi Design. He's also responsible for the BMW 8 Series in shooting brake flavor, which comes to complement our in-house-designed 8 Series Gran Coupé.

Now, back to the open-top 8 Series, we'd like to point out that just like the previous design exercises, it shows the versatility of BMW's original 8 Series Concept when it comes to shifting from one body type to another.

Of course, additional speculation at this point is futile, but taking into account the Gran Coupé and the shooting brake, the former has the better chance of turning into reality, together with the convertible, maybe.

Curious enough, rumors circulating well before the 8 Series study broke cover talked about a two-door, a four-door and a drop-top M8. Which makes us ask: why wouldn't BMW consider offering all these body types on the regular 8 Series, to begin with?