BMW M5 fights Mercedes-AMG E 63 S for a parking space

bmw m5 vs mercedes-amg e 63 s

Germany’s power sedans clash once more with Chris Harris and The Stig’s business cousin behind the wheel

Ever since these two hit the market, we’ve seen plenty of duel that tried to show which is better, especially drag races. So what harm can another clash do?

This time, Chris Harris gets a helping hand from The Stig’s business cousin to see which car can help its driver reach a parking space first.

Mind you, the race doesn’t take place on the city streets but on the track, and from where we’re standing, it looks like someone overreacted with the script.

Anyway, TopGear’s video below is a good chance to see some drifting and two marvelous go-fast machines in action. Check it out.

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