BMW Revealed 1 Series Sedan in China

BMW is taking on the premium compact sedan niche. So this is the brand-new 1 Series Sedan

In a recent press release, BMW showcased its first compact sedan, a 1 Series targeted at the Chinese market exclusively, as BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. “will further explore the premium compact sedan in China.” Yes, China’s compact sedans niche is booming, and BMW is there to assume a slice. 

So while Europe and the US get the 2 Series Gran Coupé, in emerging markets (like China or India) they’ll offer a more accessible 1 Series Sedan. Also, their underpinnings will be quite different – the 1 Series Sedan will come with front- and all-wheel-drive, while the 2 Series will come as a rear-wheel-drive rival for the A3 Sedan/Mercedes-Benz CLA. 

We don’t know too much (or any, for that matter) about the 1 Series Sedan’s technical details, but most probably will share its engines with the hatchback. The 1 Series Sedan is the fifth locally-produced BMW model in China, along the X1, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series.