Bosch plans to take autonomous car testing to Romania

bosch autonomous testing

First on a special course, then to the streets

Bosch is looking to carry out autonomous vehicle testing on the streets of and around Cluj-Napoca.

According to Romanian outlet HotNews, Bosch is in talks with Romanian authorities as the company aims to get their approval of commencing autonomous vehicle testing on public roads.

bosch autonomous testing 2

Speaking to the same source, Dennis Raabe, the man in charge of Bosch’s engineering center in Cluj-Napoca, said that a first step would be to build a dedicated testing track, before the self-driving cars hit the streets.


If those tests prove successful, then the company would take steps to move the trials on the streets of Cluj-Napoca.

bosch autonomous testing 3

According to Raabe, two passengers will remain inside the car at all times for safety reasons – one will be responsible of the car’s controls (steering wheel, pedals) and intervene if necessary while the other’s task involves monitoring the gathered data.

bosch autonomous testing 5

Each self-driving car would pack a suite of cameras plus radar and ultrasound sensors. Engineers will then assess their performance in real-life conditions but also monitor how the implemented algorithms react in a given situation.

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