Brake Disk Disintegrates in Slow Motion, Provides Quite a Spectacle

Don’t watch it if you have issues with brake disk cruelty

How much abuse can a brake disk take? Quite a lot, apparently, as it seems to withstand very high temperatures and stresses before it falls apart, as per this video experiment by Beyond the Press.

The channel usually shows videos of various objects being subjected to high pressures in an attempt to make them give in.

However, the brake disk wasn’t hydraulically pressed until it broke; the video’s creators had an even better idea, to keep the disk on the car and run the engine so that it spins the disk with the brake fully engaged.

What results is a stunning lights show, and in slow motion you can really see very single detail of the disk as it breaks under the high load and high temperature. Interestingly, even after a big chunk of it falls off, what remains of the disk still passes through the caliper several times before it finally tears itself apart completely.