Buick Tries To Be Friendly, Features Max Greenfield In Latest Ads

Tongue-in-cheek is the new Buick

Buick tries desperately to look friendlier and convince the general public that you actually can be young, attractive and buy one of their cars.

Latest ads feature no other than Max Greenfield, of New Girl and The Big Short fame, and the theme is simple, yet effective: Max plays upon his newly acquired stardom, in a series of ads pushing some of the modern gizmos one could find on a Buick Envision.

From the hands-free opening of the trunk to ventilated seats, we're reminded that Buick is currently on par with other American car manufacturers and the days when the brand catered only to 70-year-olds are finally gone.

Well, in the words of Molly Peck, Buick's marketing director, "they're both spot-on for the Buick brand. They both really embody the values of our brand: warm, likeable, funny and smart, with wide appeal,"

Yeah, like Max Greenfield. Isn't it so, girls?

Via Adweek