Can’t wait for the new Ford Bronco? Here’s the ideal alternative

Look for a used Bronco, buy it, and take it to these guys

Their name is Classic Ford Broncos – the name pretty much says it all, and their trade is building bespoke vintage Broncos.

In more details, every Bronco that ends up in the hands of these guys goes through a comprehensive restoration process. However, each donor vehicle, as provided by the client, must fulfill some requirements.

For example, it must be produced between 1966 and 1977 and keep as much metal on it as possible and must sit on the original frame as assembled by FoMoCo.

Inside, each Ford Bronco must retain the original factory dashboard layout. On the mechanical side, the front axle should be Dana 44 and the rear axle Ford 9-inch.

If you can check that, then your old soon-to-be-reborn Bronco goes to the next phase, where it receives a new transmission and engine – could be a Coyote, if you really want it, modern brakes, off-road tires plus a touch of luxury.

Everything is available for a hefty amount of Benjamins, as you're looking at a financial effort of anywhere between $125,000 to $159,000.

The good news is these guys will break your fee into four payments if you can't pay for it upfront. It involves a 10% deposit and then three payments, each worth 30% of the overall price.

Photos: Classic Ford Broncos on Facebook