Charging tower idea proposed as solution for multiplying EVs

Charging stations will need to accommodate for increasing number of EVs and the only way to go seems to be straight up

Electric vehicles are really soaring in popularity and soon serious thought will need to go into charging as many as them as possible in as little space as possible. We have faced similar space conundrums before and our answer has been to build vertically – that’s exactly what’s being proposed here by Ennead Lab.

And their solution makes obvious sense: we have multi-storey car parks and EV chargers, so combining the two seems like a logical way to go. These charging towers, described as “an urban roadside beacon for electric cars,” are designed “in order to accommodate both a small, urban, pedestrian-friendly site and to maximise the number of cars simultaneously utilising a standard charging system, we combined existing charger technologies with existing stack-parking technologies to create a charging tower.”

The buildings themselves will be mostly made up of steel skeleton and exterior cladding made out of “reflective, perforated metal… recalling the chrome-filled aesthetic history of the automobile and creating a beacon for those searching for parking and car charging.”

With countries like Norway where now nearly half of new cars are bought electric, we might need solutions like this sooner than we think in order to avoid charging point overcrowding problems. In fact, places like California where EVs are already quite plentiful are facing such issues – it’s even leading to animosity among drivers – charging station rage.

via Dezeen