Chris Harris drives Porsche 718 Boxster, hates its engine noise

Although he does concede it is better in every single other way

Chris Harris, like any motoring journo and enthusiast, was bound to be displeased by Prosche’s new turbocharged four-cylinder Boxster and Cayman updates. He, like all others who’ve driven the car, unequivocally states that while the new 718-badged models are better in every single measurable way compared to their predecessors, the loss of the six-pot engine noise severely affects the overall experience.

We drove the new 718 ourselves and found it to be a turbocharged scalpel when it came to devouring winding roads, and we found that it being turbo didn’t negatively affect the experience one bit – in fact it turned every corner exit (or prod of the throttle for that matter) into a delightful wooshing surge.

One just has to accept the fact that this is no longer a car you buy to hear its six-pot scream resonate through the canyons – it’s now a car that’d leave the old non-turbo one for dead on the same canyon where that car sounds so good; end of story.