Chris Harris Drives the Aston Martin Vulcan, Finds it Physical and Face Bending

We’ll take his word for it

Abu Dhabi was the playground for the most extreme Aston Martin to leave Gaydon, with Chris Harris pulling the strings of the V12-powered Vulcan.

Only a select number of people will get to drive the Aston Martin Vulcan in this lifetime, and Chris Harris is the latest name on that list. For the rest, Forza Horizon 3 provides a satisfactory experience.

Coming back to the main topic, Chris Harris got to burn some rubber in the Aston Martin Vulcan in Abu Dhabi, where he compared the 820-horsepower machine to a "big Le Mans car" for its blistering acceleration in a straight line.

As a fun fact, the Aston Martin Vulcan generates its own bodyweight in downforce at 200 mph (322 km/h) which theoretically means it can travel upside down.

But although Harris didn't go that far, there's plenty to see and hear in the video below.