Christian von Koenigsegg’s Regera honors Sweden and a Mazda Miata

There are no shallow choices at Koenigsegg

It's curtain down for Koenigsegg's Regera Employee series and what better way to end the ball than with a final Regera configured by Christian von Koenigsegg himself.

Those who didn't skip geography will instantly recognize the blue tinted carbon finish and gold leaf wheel theme as the same combo on the Swedish flag.

However, this Regera's hue mix has deeper implications.

The interior, for example, is Mr. Koenigsegg's way of paying tribute to his old Mazda Miata he and his wife (girlfriend at that time) used to own back in 1992.

Oh, and if you happen to own a Regera, know that the gold leaf is available as an option. And, of course, it's also applied by hand before the final paint coat comes on.