Crashing a LEGO Porsche is the most beautiful stupid thing ever

Message for LEGO lovers: painfully graphic images ahead

ADAC put together a very unordinary crash test, pushing a LEGO model into a wall. It’s equally fascinating but painful to watch for some.

The model is a Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 2,704-piece €300 LEGO puzzle, and the crash is a cooperation between the German entity ADAC and the c’t magazine.

We couldn’t see the purpose of this experiment — besides the fun part suggested in its name — but the folks at c’t dedicated an entire article revolving around this “ultimate LEGO fun-test.” So, if you were wondering how the LEGO Porsche managed that impact, well, it didn’t disintegrate completely. But the crash did break some plastic bits, so a full reconstruction using the same pieces is ruled out.

Watching this clip might be mesmerizing for some — it depicts a slow-motion destruction, what's not to like about it, right? — but we're sure there are at least two people genuinely hurt by this. One of them is the person who assembled all the 2,700 pieces to create this beautiful LEGO creation, the other is our colleague Tudor Rus, whose Speed Champions, Ideas, and Creator collections are continuously growing.